Your Housing Staff Will Love This Unique Service: The One Year Walkthrough

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We’ve written about sustainability extensively on this blog. And more recently, we’ve focused on one time-tested hallmark of sustainability.

Namely, durability.

How can you ensure that you’re getting the most for your money? Our answer to this is pretty straightforward and shapes our values.

Choose furniture made from the highest quality materials with superior construction techniques. That way, you get the most durable product that weathers the rugged demands of life in a residence hall for decades.

A Guarantee for the Future

furniture inspectionWe believe in our furniture. And we want you, our higher education and military partners, to have total confidence in the quality and longevity of your furniture.

That’s why we perform a unique service for all of our partners to back up our sustainability commitment.

At no cost to your school, we offer you a complete service inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly, and then we make any needed corrections.

This “Tune-Up” is one way that we follow through on our 25-year Guarantee.

What Is the Service Walkthrough?

A year after installation, we come to your school and check every single piece of furniture that we installed to make sure it’s performing at its peak.

If we find any discrepancies, we fix them on the spot.

Furthermore, we’ll perform additional subsequent check-ups at any time upon your request. This ensures that all your furniture is serviceable. And it reduces the burden on your housing and facilities staff.

So what exactly does this service include? The following:

  • 100% inspection
  • Level wardrobes
  • Check that all drawers operate smoothly and correct any issues
  • Confirm all glides and levelers are in place and replace any that are missing
  • Check all magnets and hinges on doors

Which Clients Have Used It?

service walkthrough and furniture inspectionDurability and longevity are key aspects of sustainability. The longer you keep your furniture in use, the longer is stays out of the landfill. It’s also a sign of quality. That’s true for most products.

That’s one reason why NYU plans for their residence hall furniture to last a minimum of 25 years.

Because NYU is so committed to long-lasting furniture, this inspection service and our 25-Year Guarantee were important to their housing team. After one year, we went through and inspected every drawer and piece of furniture in their residence halls.

After fixing minor cosmetic damage and a few sticky drawers, we gave them a report of our findings and what we fixed at the end of the visit.

That reduced the load on their housing team and gave them precious peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits to You?

The benefits of this service are pretty self-evident. For one, we troubleshoot any issues that could cause you problems down the road. We make sure that small issues don’t become big pains.

Most issues with furniture will crop up within a year or so. By making sure all the furniture is working optimally and addressing any issues in that timeframe, we’re making sure that your furniture will be free of future defects.

We all know that your housing team already has enough to deal with on a daily basis. Transitional spaces like residence halls take a beating and require a high level of maintenance because of the nature of the service they provide.

If we can lighten the load of your staff by ensuring that your furniture is functioning perfectly, that’s a service we are more than happy to perform. In truth, we think of it as our obligation.

Want to schedule your one-year service walkthrough? I’d love to speak with you. Just write to me here at [email protected].