DCI Recycled Furniture
For You & The Earth

The Why

As part of DCI's commitment to sustainability, we take back your (our customer's) used solid wood furniture for resale and give you a credit for each item, pending a quality assessment. We offer this service at no profit. Instead, we do it to support our existing customers and because we know the value of solid wood. It can live many lives.


The Cost (Hint, it's not much)

The deeply discounted furniture listed below was--in most cases--used by other schools and is now available for purchase. Some of it is new. We charge only enough to cover our costs. For example, we might give a school $30 per used bed. We then sell it for the same amount so that bed is available for $30 to any nonprofit organization or university. Buyers are responsible for covering delivery and installation costs.


The Goods

Mission Bed

  • Qty: 220
  • Dims: 57¼” x 81½” x 48”
  • Lightly Used

Red Loveseat

  • Qty 94
  • Dims: 68” x 31½” x 34½”
  • New

Office Chair

  • Qty 40
  • Dims: 25½” x 27” x 43½”
  • New

Desk Chair

  • Qty: 45
  • Dims: 20¾” x 20” x 31¾”
  • New
Not found