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Free eBooks & PDF Resources

sustainable manufacturing guide
A Guide To
Sustainable Manufacturing

Learn how we craft sustainable residence hall furniture.

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solid hardwood residence hall furniture
A Guide to Solid Hardwood Residence Hall Furniture

Why should you choose solid wood residence hall furniture?

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nontoxic residence hall furniture
A Guide to Nontoxic Residence Hall Furniture

Improve indoor air quality for your students.

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residence hall furniture design guide
A Guide to
Residence Hall
Furniture Design

Explore modern, contemporary, and mission furniture design.

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What is sustainable residence hall furniture? From using non-toxic materials and developing climate friendly manufacturing processes to supporting local economies and reducing waste, your furniture choices have a big impact on student and environmental health.

The Nuts & Bolts

Resources for operational and facilities leaders like you to help answer some common questions about residence hall furniture.

Green Certifications

How do you know if your furniture is really green? Look for third party certifications like FSC to guarantee sustainable manufacturing.

Purchasing & Value

How do you get the most value for your money when you're buying residence hall furniture? It's a complex question. Here are some helpful perspectives on that question to help you choose the best option for your unique housing needs.

Student Engagement

Colleges rarely include students in the residence hall furniture selection process. And yet, half of students' higher education expenses are housing-related. Some schools are flipping the script and including student stake-holders in their furniture selection process.