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DCI Sustainable Hardwood Furniture is the gold standard among dorm furniture manufacturers. Prized for its quality and sustainable pedigree, DCI furniture outperforms the competition based on style, function, and durability. Dubbed a “Sustainability Champion” by the USDA, DCI backs our furniture with a 25 year warranty. Learn more...

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Building A Family Tradition

A family business started in 1976 by NYU philosophy doctoral student Henry Kober in his New Hampshire farmhouse, DCI now furnishes student and military housing around the world. Kober and his two sons, David and Amos, have guided DCI’s steady growth over five decades, with regional operations in Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and San Diego, CA.

Superior Construction

For over 40 years our craftsmen have employed time tested methods for constructing solid hardwood furniture here in the United States. Although our factory is filled with modern machinery and finishing equipment, we maintain the old world craftsmanship that makes our furniture last decades. We utilize a combination of mortise and tenon and dowel joints to make the strongest cabinet available. These joints combine joinery, glue and screws. This approach vastly exceeds the strength of frame and screw only construction used by some dorm room furniture manufacturers.

  1. High-Pressure laminate tops or solid wood tops
  2. Dowel joints
  3. Solid hardwood support rails
  4. ¼" or ½" veneer core plywood back panels, screwed and in dado groove
  5. Solid hardwood or veneer core plywood side panels

  6. Solid hardwood drawer fronts
  7. Bottom mounted drawer runners. 100lb test, epoxy-coated steel runners
  8. Fully dovetail drawer
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"We were impressed by the quality of the operation. DCI controls the product from the forest to the floor, so they can assure quality every step of the way. This company has been well received by Penn State, and we hope our relationship will continue.”

Conal CarrConal CarrDirector of Housing Operations, Penn State University

"I love DCI's sustainability efforts. I have worked with your family for over 30 years and we have a great relationship. A couple of years back, the Boston College leadership team visited the DCI sawmill and factory. It was great to see all the great initiatives in progress and to see some of our new residence hall furniture in various stages of manufacturing."

Catherine O'ConnorCatherine O'ConnorBoston College, Assistant Director of Facilities

"You and your team were amazing from start to finish, from the design and consultation to pricing, and the coordination and install of the furniture. Professional, competent, creative, and friendly, I couldn’t ask for more from the experience."

Andrew WorthleyAndrew WorthleyCapital Project Assistant, Cal Lutheran University

Bedroom & Lounge Collections

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Mission Bedroom Collection
Camden Collection

Sustainability Leadership

Vertical Integration

DCI is the undisputed leader in sustainability among dorm room furniture manufacturers. As a vertically integrated company, we are the only dorm room furniture manufacturer who controls our supply chain, from forest to floor. And that supply chain is incredibly short. We work with certified foresters to choose our own trees harvesting them within 150 miles of our domestic sawmill. Then we transport the logs to our rough and finishing mill, 75 miles away in Lisbon, New Hampshire.

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Zero Waste & Renewable Energy

DCI maintains a zero waste policy. We also use no fossil fuel. Instead, we power our factory with renewable energy, generating all our own heat by capturing our wood waste and burning it in a high efficiency wood boiler. In 2022, we received grants from the USDA, USFS, and NH Renewable Energy Fund to upgrade our boilers. This will allow us to bring online our steam engine to generate our own electricity, further reducing our dependence on the power grid!

SCS Indoor Advantage

Ahead of EPA standards, our roll-applied finishing process emits Zero VOC’s, which are chemicals emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids that have adverse health effects. DCI's zero-VOC commitment and practice earned us certification with SCS Indoor Advantage Gold (Analogous to MAS Green & Greenguard).

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Circular Product Design

At DCI, we build furniture based on the principles of circular design. Also known as zero waste, closed loop, or cradle to cradle, circular design: 1. Maximizes the efficient use of materials and energy; 2. Includes recycled and recyclable materials, and 3. Is crafted to facilitate upgrade, repair, take back, and disassembly at the end of its useful life. Our robust Furniture Buyback Program and Removal and Reuse/Recycle Program are examples of circular design in action. Learn more...

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Working with Marginalized Communities

DCI works with a range of clients and suppliers who come from marginalized communities. We donate reclaimed and lightly used furniture to the Chicago Furniture Bank, who “breaks the cycle of furniture poverty by transforming an empty house into a home” through providing folks with high quality used furniture. Our mattresses are sourced from IFB Solutions a company owned and operated by blind and visually impaired workers.

Chicago Furniture Bank Installation

Among dorm room furniture manufacturers, DCI is unique in its commitment to working with marginalized communities. DCI’s headquarters is based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, an area that has seen some of the highest rates of opioid addiction in America. As a recovery friendly workplace, we regularly donate furniture or sell it at cost to organizations that create transitional housing for victims of substance use disorders.

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