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Meeting a detailed design specification, providing local manufacturing, service, and warehousing, and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability leadership were all important in Duke’s selection of a residence hall furniture partner.

Duke was founded in 1838 and is consistently ranked among the top Universities in the United States. Spread across three contiguous campuses and a marine lab in Beaufort, NC, the school occupies 8,600 acres.

It’s also the seventh wealthiest private university in America with an annual budget of $2.3b and an endowment totalling $11.3b. Consequently, Duke has a huge impact on the North Carolina economy providing jobs for 37,000 people and making it the second largest employer in the state.

Indeed, Duke’s commitment to supporting local economies is one reason why DCI and Duke are such good partners.

In addition to the fact that DCI has a local manufacturing plant in Lumberton, NC, the company has supported robust local economies in the north country of New Hampshire for more than 40 years.
 The University also demonstrates leadership in the fields of sustainability and environmental issues.


Duke put out their RFPs in March 2017. They were looking for a residence hall furniture partner for the next several years and potentially beyond to furnish multiple residence halls including Trinity, Crowell, Craven, and Hollows.

We won the contract in June, and it extends through July 2019.

Duke had several key criteria for awarding their contract. Those decision making criteria included:

  • Detailed design specs
  • Price
  • Local manufacturing, service, and warehousing
  • Commitment to environmental management and sustainability leadership

We fulfilled all the criteria, but two of those specifications played to DCI’s strengths: 1) we have an assembly and storage plant in NC with local service; and 2) we have a decades- long commitment to environmental management and sustainability leadership.

Indeed, we’re honored that the University recognizes that DCI shares many of it’s same goals and values.

But there was perhaps one more key element of this story that’s worth noting. Because it speaks to the value of solid hardwood furniture.

Prior to the award, a team from Duke University visited UNC Chapel Hill to take a look at the residence hall furniture we had installed there 10 years ago. Duke was so impressed with the fresh look and feel of the furniture after a decade that they were sold.

There’s no question that solid hardwood furniture is by far the longest-lasting and most durable furniture material on the market. And that’s one reason why we offer a 25-year warranty on all our furniture.

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Project Location: Durham, North Carolina

Project Size: 270 sets

Building Type: Multi-use Residence Hall

Project Team: Duke & DCI

Product List: Full Size Bed, Study Desk, Wardrobe, 520 Two-drawer Underbed Storage Units

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