DCI Hardwood Furniture installation service


1. Is your manufacturing process sustainable?

We have the most sustainable manufacturing process in the residence hall furniture market. We have a zero waste manufacturing process. We conserve energy by burning our biomass wood waste to heat and power our factory. We also use motion sensor energy conservation lighting.

2. Do you use recycled components in your furniture?

95% of the steel used for our bedsprings is made from salvaged railroad track. We reclaim our old furniture and upcycle the hardwood for internal components in new furniture.

3. Is your furniture free of volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde?

Ahead of EPA standards, our roll-applied finishing process emits Zero VOC’s (chemicals emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids that have adverse health effects).

For non-hardwood products, DCI sources hardwood plywood, particleboard, and medium density fiberboard products that use either no-added formaldehyde (NAF) based resins or ultra-low-emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) resins. These materials exceed requirements set fourth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

4. What is your furniture made from? Is it sustainable?

Our furniture is made from sustainably harvested FSC solid hardwood—mostly maple, oak, and ash. We work with New Hampshire state foresters to select the trees while ensuring that we improve wildlife habitat in the process.

5. Where is your furniture made? Is it local?

All the trees are harvested within 100 miles of our sawmill. After the trees move through our high-yield sawmill, they travel a short distance over the border to our manufacturing plant in New Hampshire’s White Mountains where we employ 200 local men and woman.

6. What 3rd party certifications do you have?

All of our solid hardwood furniture is FSC c-o-c certified. Our casegoods have the Eco-Certified CompositeTM (ECC) Sustainability Standard.

We source foam used for cushioning in our upholstered products that minimize petroleum-based foam with more sustainable soy and corn based alternatives. The third-party certifications include CertiPUR-US, MAS Green or GreenGuard.

7. Can we earn LEED credits by using your furniture?

You can earn the following LEED credits for your building by using our furniture:
* Materials Reuse: MR Credit 3.1 and 3.2
* Recycled Content: MR Credit 4.1 & 4.2
* Regional Materials: MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2
* Certified Wood: MR Credit 7

8. Do you offer a guarantee for your furniture? How long does it last?

DCI warrants, to the original purchaser, our furniture for 25 years from the date of purchase to be free from material and manufacturing defects. Within this 25-year period DCI will repair or replace all defective items at no charge.

9. Will you help us get rid of our own furniture?

We recognize the challenges in disposing of furniture that has passed its useful life on campuses. We have developed several options to avoid sending furniture to a landfill. Depending on the project specifics we can remove and sell unwanted furniture to other customers.

Or, we can remove and donate to charitable organizations locally, regionally and abroad. In the last 3 years, we have loaded over 175 trailers that were shipped to charitable organizations around the world.

10. Is your company climate friendly and carbon neutral?

Our manufacturing plant contributes net zero carbon to the atmosphere because we use biomass—our waste byproducts—to power our factory. The small amount of Co2 released from burning wood is considered a natural part of the carbon cycle and is immediately offset by new forest growth.

We reduce our carbon footprint within our logistics operations by shipping our product by rail. A fully loaded container of DCI furniture weighs 10 tons. If the distance is 3,000 miles by rail, we use only 60 gallons of diesel fuel to move one of our containers across the country. This calculation is based on information provided by CSX Rail Transportation.

11. Are you a full service company? Will you install our furniture?

We have a team of experienced installers who travel project-to-project insuring successful installations and long-term customer satisfaction through Warranty and Field Service work. We avoid sub-contracting this service. Additionally we provide a Project Manager to oversee the process from the time a contract is awarded all the way through final installation.

12. Do you offer, Space Planning, Interior Design and Fabric Selection?

Our in-house professional Interior Designer can assist housing staff in selecting the appropriately sized and designed furniture that will offer students a comfortable atmosphere to work, socialize and relax. During project planning phases, we regularly provide room layouts generated with architectural drafting software.

13. Can you customize our furniture?

Our in-house team of experienced Engineers can customize any piece of furniture. Whether it is a desired style, unique design, or a sofa that needs to be 2" shorter to fit in a specific place, we can do it!

14. Do you offer different furniture styles like modern, contemporary, and mission?

We offer several different styles of furniture including modern, contemporary, and mission. Additionally, we can customize all of them to meet your needs.

15. How does your furniture manufacturing impact local wildlife?

We work with New Hampshire and Vermont state foresters to minimize impact of tree harvesting on the wildlife. Foresters perform a wildlife assessment to ensure that we are creating vital new habitat for local wildlife.

16. Do you have flame retardant chemicals in your furniture?

DCI, builds and designs furniture that is free of chemical flame retardants. We adhere to the most up-to-date flammability code, TB117-2013 (not to be confused with TB-117 or CAL-133).

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More questions?

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