Full Captain's Bed

The Full Captains Bed is a standard in barracks and student dormitories around the world.

In contrast to the twin, the full captains bed offers you copious storage possibilities with both lift top and under bed stowage options.

Captains beds are so called because they were originally designed for use on ships where space was a premium. And further, they were mostly a luxury feature in the captains quarters.

Today, they're a staple in higher education and military residences for students and soldiers with limited storage.

Paseo Full Captain's Bed

The Paseo full captains bed is perfect for your higher ed students or your Bachelor Enlisted Quarters. Featuring ultra-durable hardwood construction, modern design, and endless storage space, your students and soldiers will love this bed. Enjoy an array of integrated under bed drawer options on both sides of the bed.

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Paseo Full Captains Bed

Martinez Full Captain's Bed

This beautiful solid wood captains bed features solid wood construction to guarantee sustainability and durability. Built in a zero waste factory which uses no fossil fuels, the Martinez captains bed boasts a sustainable pedigree that puts luxury green brands to shame. Built to last for decades, it's at home in high use environments. You'll enjoy a rich selection of modular under bed storage options.

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Martinez Full Captains Bed

Camden Captain's Bed

The Camden Captains Bed sits at the apex of our collections as a premium line. The wood metal media mix guarantees incredible durability and strength, ensuring this bed will last a long time. It's also an eye-catcher and will add a stylistic upgrade to your dorm rooms, officers quarters, or enlisted quarters.

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Camden Collection

Captain's Bed

Our original eponymous Captains Bed, this reliable workhorse will perform well under any circumstance and thrives in high use environments. With no-frills simple solid wood construction, the Captains Bed lasts for decades. Versatile, functional, and made to last, it's perfect for the armed forces and higher education contexts.

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Full Captain's Bed

More Captains Beds

Browse our selection of sustainably manufactured solid wood captains beds in an array of styles and sizes. All of our captains beds are subject to rigorous GSA testing and are built in our zero waste factory to last for decades of intensive use.

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