Solid Wood

Solid wood furniture from DCI is highly durable, recyclable, reclaimable, sourced and processed domestically, and manufactured into furniture in the United States.

Proven Durability

Furniture made primarily from solid wood is extremely resilient and requires little maintenance. Screw retention is one of the most important distinctions between solid wood vs. plywood and composite woods. Simply put, there is not a plywood or composite wood material on the market today that holds a metal screw better, and for a longer period of time, than a solid piece of oak, maple, or ash. This is supported through laboratory tests.

Ability to Refinish

Sanding and refinishing allows DCI’s solid wood furniture a second, third or fourth life without having to be replaced over and over again. This is much more difficult to do with furniture made from veneered plywood.


Other than high pressure laminated tops, solid hardwood furniture treated with low VOC finishes makes solid wood furniture easily recyclable and turned into other useful products. This eliminates the need to send wood furniture to a landfill at the end of it useful lifecycle on campus.


The ability to reclaim wood helps to conserve our natural resources by providing a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Domestically Sourced and Processed

DCI owns and operates a sawmill in South Royalton, Vermont. The mill is 75 miles from our main factory in Lisbon, New Hampshire. All of the timber entering our sawmill comes from within a 125-mile radius of the sawmill, unlike our competitors that source wood panels and other hardwood components from outside vendors either in the US, or overseas.