[Video] Want To Tackle Climate Change On Campus? Use Real Wood Furniture

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Video Summary: Forests are an important carbon sink and wood products continue to store carbon during their life time. Additionally wood products can replace other energy intense material leading to even higer carbon reductions. The more wood you use the lower your carbon footprint will be! Tackle climate change

In this short and illuminating video from Europe (featured below), you’ll learn why using more wood is the simplest way to create a low carbon economy and help tackle climate change.

Here are some of the key facts about wood to keep in mind as you watch.

  • Forests cover 20% of world’s landmass  and they are the second largest carbon sink on earth after the ocean
  • Europe’s forest area is growing by 1,632,679 acres each year.
  • Europe’s growing stock of forest is increasing by 378 million m³ annually
  • Over 90% of the wood used in Europe comes from  European forests
  • On average, trees absorb 1 ton of Co2 and emit 727 kg O2 for every cubic meter’s growth
  • Using a cubic meter of wood instead of other building materials saves almost 1 ton of CO2
  • The more wood you use, the more CO2 you save
  • You can save over 80% of a buildings carbon footprint by using wood
  • Europe’s wood product carbon store is increasing by 20 million tons of CO2 a year
  • Wood products account for a carbon storage of 220 million tons. That increases 20 million tons per year.


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