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The Evolution of Modern Furniture Design

In Blog, Design Resource by Amos Kober

I love good design. Especially modern furniture design. For me, it’s one of the most interesting and compelling parts of building residence hall furniture. Design inspiration is so central to our creative process here at DCI that we want to share a series of articles exploring the various styles and influences that inform our furniture. Our furniture is built to last generations, so we are naturally drawn to the timeless elements of classic design.  …

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Case Study: Plymouth State University

In Blog, case study, Design Resource, Green Manufacturing, GreenCertification, Local Sourcing, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Langdon Woods Residence Hall – The First LEED Gold Dorm in NH Summary: To compliment PSU’s state of the art sustainable Langdon Woods residence hall, DCI developed a locally-manufactured green residence hall furniture solution which featured FSC-certified solid hardwood and became the design standard across campus. Name: Plymouth State University’s Langdon Woods Residence Hall Location: Plymouth, NH Size: Approximately 500 sets of furniture Building Type: Multi-use Residence Hall Project Team: Plymouth State & DCI Product List: Beds, Chests, Desks, Wardrobes, Dining tables, & Chairs. Backstory …

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2016 Hottest Year on Record. Here’s What You Can Do.

In Blog, Climate Friendly Furniture, Green Manufacturing by Amos Kober

Earlier this month, scientists shared some disturbing reports about global warming. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published separate data confirming that 2016 was the hottest year on record.* It would be one thing if this single blazing hot year was a one-off anomaly. But it’s not. In fact 2016 was the third in a string of hottest years on record. 2016 Hottest Year We earthlings started recording …

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4 Criteria For Selecting Your Residence Hall Furniture Supplier

In Blog, Climate Friendly Furniture, Customizing, Design Resource, Green Manufacturing, GreenCertification, Nontoxic, Purchasing and Value, Recycle, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

What are the main things you need to think about when you’re buying sustainable residence hall furniture and choosing your supplier? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. We’ve supplied solid hardwood furniture to college residence halls for over 40 years. And we’ve also observed that some things stand out when you’re choosing your residence hall furniture supplier. Based on our experience, in addition to cost and service, here are …

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How To Source Sustainable Furniture Materials For Residence Hall Furniture

In Blog, GreenCertification, Local Sourcing, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

At DCI, we strive to use sustainable furniture materials. We believe that making world-class furniture that lasts for decades doesn’t give us the right to pollute the planet. On the contrary, like humans have done since the dawn of civilization, we make furniture from solid hardwood. And we leave as light a footprint as possible. Through our sustainable vertical integration process, we ensure that our wood is sustainably harvested and nothing …

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Zero Waste Furniture Company: Crafting Climate Friendly Furniture

In Blog, Climate Friendly Furniture, Green Manufacturing, Wood is Good by Amos Kober

Is it possible to build climate friendly furniture without creating any waste? It sounds like an environmentalist’s pipe dream, right? Nope. We are a zero waste furniture company. Really, it’s no fantasy. It’s possible to make furniture that’s completely sustainable and waste-free. In fact, it also makes profound economic sense from a business perspective. But first, why should you care? As you may know, the furniture industry has never been on great terms with the environment. It’s …

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Case Study: University of Pennsylvania

In Blog, case study, Climate Friendly Furniture, Green Manufacturing, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

A Climate Sensitive Residence Hall Summary: New College House UPenn is a climate sensitive residence hall project and DCI’s singular commitment to creating the highest quality green furniture yielded an innovative design partnership. Project Name: New College House Upenn Location: Philadelphia, PA Size: 354 sets Building Type: Multi-use Residence Hall Project Team: Penn, BCJ, DCI Product List: Adjustable height bed, Stackable 2-drawer under-bed storage, Two-door wardrobe, Desk with data port, Built-in horizontal and vertical shelving, and Dining …

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Is Your Furniture Toxic? Everything You Need To Know About Flame Retardant Chemicals

In Blog, Nontoxic by Morgan Dix

[Updated January 7, 2021] Maybe you’ve heard? In residence halls across the country, there’s a debate over the furniture fire safety standards which are designed to protect human health. In a strange and unsettling twist, for the last several decades furniture manufacturers have used highly toxic flame retardant chemicals to meet the same fire standards that are meant to protect us. According to a 2012 study examining the effects of these flame retardant …

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Harvard Study: Green Buildings (And Furniture) Improve Student Cognition

In Blog, GreenCertification, Nontoxic by Amos Kober

New studies show that indoor air quality and student performance are closely linked. College students spend a lot of time indoors. Much of that time is in their residence hall studying, sleeping, and recreating. So providing students with the highest standard of indoor air quality is essential. Indoor Air Quality and Student Performance This issue has taken on greater urgency in light of a 2015 study from Harvard’s School for Public Health which measured the impact of …

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How To Earn LEED Credits With DCI Furniture

In Blog, GreenCertification, Local Sourcing, Nontoxic, Recycle, Reuse, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Do you want to ensure that your residence hall meets the highest environmental and human health standards?Perhaps you are working to earn LEED credits for your green building? Students spend a majority of their college years in their dorms studying, learning, and investing in their future. So it’s important that we invest in building and furnishing residence halls that support student health and well being. One of the best ways …