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Edge Banding – Everything You Need To Know

In Blog, Design Resource, Green Manufacturing, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

When you’re choosing your residence hall furniture and deciding on the specs, you’ll inevitably choose what materials you want. Should it be totally solid wood or a laminate variety? If you choose to go with the latter, you’ll have to answer another important question. What kind of edge banding do you want? For many people who are new to buying residence hall furniture, that’s going to elicit some questioning faces. …

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Case Study: Mid-Century Modern at UCLA’s Boulevard Apartments

In Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Summary: UCLA Housing and UCLA Medical joined forces to buy a beautiful and stylish new apartment complex for their medical staff and graduate students. DCI furnished the apartment complex with a new premium mid-century modern solid wood collection on an accelerated timeline.  Case Study: Mid Century Modern at UCLA Project Name: Boulevard Apartments Project Location: Los Angeles, CA Dates: June 2020 Project Size: 122 bedroom sets, 70 dining sets Building …

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Introducing the Rowan Collection

In Bedroom, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

  Looking for an elegant and modern series of chests, tables, and desks? We are delighted to introduce you to our new Rowan Collection. Elegant Modern Design Highlighting a wood and metal mix, and clean geometric lines, Rowan boasts a quintessential modern design. Specifically, a powder coated geometric metal frame is the stylistic hallmark of this ensemble. True to the core tenets of mid century modern design, the very structure of …

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Case Study: USAG Daegu Shilla Tower

In Design Resource, Lounge, Purchasing and Value by Morgan Dix

Summary: In early 2019, DCI furnished USAG Daegu Shilla Tower, a family housing apartment complex  in the South Korean city of Daegu. We developed a unique design solution to deal with compressed timelines. In the process, we created added value for our customer. Name: USAG Daegu Shilla Tower Location: Daegu, Korea Size: 90 sets of furniture Building Type: Multi-use Apartment Complex Project Team: Army Corps of Engineers & DCI Product List: Coffee table, End Table, …

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How To Increase Room Occupancy – 4 Solutions To House More Students

In Blog, Design Resource, Occupancy by Morgan Dix

  Many schools these days face an interesting dilemma when it comes to the question of how to increase room occupancy. Increasing enrollment thanks to rising popularity intersects with a lack of capital or suitable real estate to build new housing. This is a resonant issue in California, which has a soaring real estate market and limited space. At the same time, West Coast schools are attracting more students based …

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Case Study: UCSD John Muir College

In Blog, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Summary: In 2018, DCI installed modern locally crafted hardwood furniture at UCSD as part of their initiative to refurbish the storied John Muir College, a live learn community dedicated to nurturing and implementing green values and practices. A few years ago we collaborated with UCSD on their Mesa Nueva Graduate Hall project. We developed three unique custom-designed items to flesh out the functionality of their new graduate studio apartments. As a follow up, UCSD reached out to …

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Higher Education Furniture: Four Custom Furnishing Solutions From The Field

In Blog, Customizing, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Are you looking for an out-of-the box higher education furniture solution for your residence hall? At DCI, we specialize in engineering solutions to some of the stickiest furniture snags you can imagine. That’s why I’d love to solve your furniture problems with a custom solution. The truth is, we haven’t met a challenge we couldn’t overcome with some creative thinking, savvy engineering, and world-class craftsmanship. You see, a lot of companies …

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Case Study: University of Nevada Las Vegas

In Blog, Customizing, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Summary: DCI partnered with UNLV to deliver a custom designed chaise and loveseat for their upperclass luxury singles. Case Study: University of Nevada Las Vegas Project Name: Upper Class Complex Project Location: Las Vegas, NV Dates: 2017/2018 Project Size: 120 Sets Building Type: Graduate Studio Apartment Project Team: UNLV, AVS, DCI,Inc. Product List: 120 Love Seats, 120 Chaise Seats UNLV The University of Nevada at Las Vegas was founded in 1957 in Paradise, Nevada less than two miles …

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Case Study: UC Berkeley

In Blog, Climate Friendly Furniture, Design Resource, Green Manufacturing, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Summary: UC Berkeley built an award winning state of the art LEED gold residence hall called Martinez Commons. DCI furnished it with sustainable solid hardwood and custom designed bedroom and common room furniture. Case Study: UC Berkeley Project Name: Martinez Commons Project Location: Berkeley, CA Dates: 2013 Project Size: 416 Beds, Single & Double Story Units Building Type: Undergrad Housing Project Team: UC Berkeley, Behnisch Architekten, EHDD Architecture, DCI Product List: Bed, Desk, Rolling Pedestal, Underbed Drawer, Bookcase, …

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Technology & Student Housing Furniture: What You Need To Consider

In Blog, Design Resource, Informal Learning Space, Student Engagement by Morgan Dix

What do dorm technology and furniture have in common? And when it comes to college students, why do you need to consider them together? As you well know, we live an an extraordinary moment in history when the sum total of human knowledge is always just a click away. We can use technology anywhere and anytime through our multifarious mobile devices. But don’t forget, for nearly all of human history …