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7 Benefits of Vertical Integration When Buying Sustainable Furniture

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I am a big fan of vertical integration. It saves time, money, and it’s great for the environment. But first, you might be wondering, what is vertical integration? You see, DCI is a vertically integrated company. That means that we own every single step in our supply chain. From forest to floor, we manage, own, and control every step in the sourcing, production, and delivery of our sustainable hardwood furniture. …

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Want to Empower Your Students? Include Them In Your Purchasing Process

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Students are a passionate lot. They’re idealistic too. So it can be a valuable and edifying exercise to include them in your decision-making process as you choose your residence hall furniture. That’s exciting to me. Why? Because at DCI, we’re also passionate and idealistic. We believe it’s possible to craft world-class furniture that’s completely sustainable at the same time. And these days, more schools are using their purchasing power to set an …

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Video: Making Sustainable Hardwood Furniture in the White Mountains

In Green Manufacturing by Amos Kober

We’re lucky. Want to know why? Because we get to make sustainable hardwood furniture in one of the most beautiful regions on earth: the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont. The DCI factory is located in Lisbon New Hampshire, and our sawmill is less than an hour down the road in South Royalton, Vermont. This is the place where I grew up. I was raised in the house …

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The Benefits of Buying Locally Crafted Residence Hall Furniture

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Buying local can be hard. In a globalized economy, much of what we buy is made with imported raw materials. And still more of it is manufactured abroad by American companies. Even though quality often suffers, the price is usually lower. And that globalizing trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. But from a sustainability perspective, and in terms of thriving local economies, the benefits of local sourcing support American businesses more …

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PSU: Installing Sustainably Harvested & Manufactured Wood Furniture

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Almost ten years ago, we partnered with Plymouth State University (PSU) to furnish their state-of-the-art ecologically sensitive residence hall, Langdon Woods. We continue to work with PSU on new projects to this day. Building Awareness And Empowering Choices One reason we take sustainability so seriously is because we want to inspire green values in the next generation. It’s important that students understand their school is investing in the future of the planet. More specifically, students …

Infographic: How To Prevent Climate Change With DCI Furniture

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To set up an order today or to talk with one of our representatives, you can write to us here or call: (800) 552-8286. You can also learn more about our industry-leading FSC CoC certification, our MAS certification, and our green materials sourcing, sustainable manufacturing, and our unique zero waste Vertical Integration Process (VIP). Download the DCI Sustainability overview here.

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How To Harvest Wood While Nurturing Forest Health

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Is cutting down trees bad for the environment? And can the silvicultural selective cutting method help? As a manufacturer of solid hardwood furniture for residence halls, we get this question a lot. And it’s an important one because there’s some legitimate confusion around it. First, whenever we think about cutting trees for any sort of manufacturing process, we immediately think of the worst case scenarios. We imagine the slash and burn …

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Case Study: Plymouth State University

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Langdon Woods Residence Hall – The First LEED Gold Dorm in NH Summary: To compliment PSU’s state of the art sustainable Langdon Woods residence hall, DCI developed a locally-manufactured green residence hall furniture solution which featured FSC-certified solid hardwood and became the design standard across campus. Name: Plymouth State University’s Langdon Woods Residence Hall Location: Plymouth, NH Size: Approximately 500 sets of furniture Building Type: Multi-use Residence Hall Project Team: Plymouth State & DCI Product List: Beds, Chests, Desks, Wardrobes, Dining tables, & Chairs. Backstory …

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2016 Hottest Year on Record. Here’s What You Can Do.

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Earlier this month, scientists shared some disturbing reports about global warming. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published separate data confirming that 2016 was the hottest year on record.* It would be one thing if this single blazing hot year was a one-off anomaly. But it’s not. In fact 2016 was the third in a string of hottest years on record. 2016 Hottest Year We earthlings started recording …

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4 Criteria For Selecting Your Residence Hall Furniture Supplier

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What are the main things you need to think about when you’re buying sustainable residence hall furniture and choosing your supplier? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. We’ve supplied solid hardwood furniture to college residence halls for over 40 years. And we’ve also observed that some things stand out when you’re choosing your residence hall furniture supplier. Based on our experience, in addition to cost and service, here are …