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Harvard Study: Green Buildings (And Furniture) Improve Student Cognition

In Blog, GreenCertification, Nontoxic by Amos Kober

New studies show that indoor air quality and student performance are closely linked. College students spend a lot of time indoors. Much of that time is in their residence hall studying, sleeping, and recreating. So providing students with the highest standard of indoor air quality is essential. Indoor Air Quality and Student Performance This …

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Here’s How Wood Laminate Poisons People And The Biosphere

In Blog, Nontoxic by Morgan Dix

Is it true, as some assert, that wood laminate poisons people? Which is to say, is it toxic? Because some reputable schools—UCLA & UC Irvine among them—no longer accept laminated wood furniture on their campus based on environmental, human health, and quality issues. When you’re looking for residence hall furniture, you’ve got a …

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[Video] Wood: Nature’s Stroke of Genius

In Blog, Nontoxic, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Are you fed up with all the drab and depressing news about climate change and environmental degradation? You’re in luck, there’s a solution. It’s called wood! It’s the way forward. Wood is the world’s most environmentally friendly raw material. Unlike dangerous oil platforms, pipelines, and the mountain-top removing coal mines, trees …