Fort Sam Houston

Case Study: Building Durable Steel & Wood Beds for Fort Sam Houston

In Beds, case study, Design Resource, Purchasing and Value by Morgan Dix

Over the years, DCI has worked on numerous projects with Fort Sam Houston—a joint Army and Air Force Base based in San Antonio.

Recently, the Base approached us with a new request. They were looking for a solution to replace their antiquated Captain’s Beds.

Design Update: Captains Beds

They were interested in a fresh contemporary design that both centered the strength of steel while softening the cold institutional feel of metal with the warmth of wood furniture.

This mixed media solution, solid wood and steel, yields an incredibly durable bed, perfect for the intensive use of a military barracks.

For color, we stained the bed in a rich cherry and then designed it for ample storage.

In order to do this, we developed a special design based on our Camden Collection to fulfill their requirements.

We also designed a nightstand and wardrobe to pair with the bed.

Furnishing Occupied Rooms

This order was very large – 1200 sets of furniture.

And one thing that adds difficulty to jobs like this is the fact that the rooms are occupied during the installation.

That means that we have to do a limited number of rooms each day–like 8 to 10 a day–with a defined schedule and a DCI project manager onsite for 6 weeks.

Managing the installation like this, with a set schedule, ensures that residents know when we are accessing their rooms.

This ended up as a two-stage process. We started with a smaller quantity, but the team from the base loved the bed so much that they added more sets to the order.



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