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Designing Informal Learning Spaces: How New Furniture Breathes Fresh Life Into Dead Spaces

In Blog, Customizing, Design Resource, Informal Learning Space by Morgan Dix

Do you struggle with underused space in your residence halls? Do you have common rooms, corridors, and hallways that need new life? You probably need to create some informal learning spaces. And maybe you just have old furniture that’s begging for a design upgrade? If so, than perhaps you’ve heard about what some people are calling The Furniture Effect? That’s the moniker used by administrators and housing officials to describe a strategy employed …

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Case Study: UCLA University Apartments

In Blog, case study, Design Resource, Occupancy by Morgan Dix

Summary: UCLA wanted to upgrade the design standard for their off-campus housing. Working with UCLA’s Director of University Apartments, we tailored an elegant solution that blends sustainability, durability, modern design, and a sense of space. The UCLA University Apartments project also featured a unique solution to help manage a surge in occupancy. Project Name: UCLA University Apartments Off-Campus Housing Project Location: Westwood, Los Angeles Dates: 2014 & 2017 Project Size: 500 fully furnished …

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How To Increase Room Occupancy When Your School Has Limited Space

In Blog, Design Resource, Occupancy by Amos Kober

Do you struggle with limited residential space and climbing enrollment? Given the trends in declining college enrollment, it’s a good problem to have. You need to house more students but you can’t exactly create space out of thin air. Or can you? In many respects, this is a design issue. And over the years, we have engineered solutions to help schools like yours deal with this same issue. In fact, …

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Case Study: UCLA Weyburn Terrace

In Blog, case study, Design Resource, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Summary: UCLA needed to upgrade their graduate housing and their design standard at Weyburn Terrace. Working with the architects and Rick Pulley design, we tailored an elegant solution that blends durability, sustainability, modern design, and a sense of space. Case Study: UCLA Project Name: Weyburn Terrace Paseo & Commons Apartments Location: Westwood, Los Angeles Size: 500 fully furnished studio apartments Building Type: Graduate Student Housing Team: UCLA, Studios Architects, Rick Pulley Product List: Bed with Underbed Storage, Desk …

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Case Study: California Lutheran University

In Blog, case study, Design Resource, Occupancy by Morgan Dix

Summary: CLU wanted to upgrade their design standard across campus. At the same time, Cal Lutheran housing needed to increase occupancy and develop a solution for tripling rooms because housing demand on campus kept rising. Case Study: California Lutheran University Name: Cal Lutheran Location: Thousand Oaks, CA Size: 280 Beds Building Type: Residence Hall Project Team: CLU & DCI Product List: Jr. Loft, Adjustable/Bunkable Bed, Wardrobe, 3-Drawer Chest, Guardrail, 6-Drawer Underbed Cal Lutheran California Lutheran University is a small …

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Case Study: UC San Diego

In Blog, case study, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Summary: UCSD needed to develop three unique custom-designed items to flesh out the functionality of Mesa Nueva, their brand new graduate student studio apartments. Case Study: UC San Diego Name: Mesa Nueva Studio Apartments Location: La Jolla, CA Size: 853 Studios Building Type: Graduate Student Housing: Single Studio Apartments Product List: Counter Height Table with Foldout Leaves and Stools, C-Table, 8-Drawer Dresser UC San Diego UC San Diego is a distinguished part of …

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Case Study: University of California Irvine

In Bedroom, Blog, case study, Design Resource, Occupancy by Amos Kober

Summary: In response to limited space and surging enrollment, DCI and UC Irvine created an innovative and environmentally friendly way to increase occupancy in a new state of the art residence hall, UC Irvine Mesa Court, while designing a feature-rich envrironment for laptop-driven learning. Case Study UC Irvine: One Of The Greenest Universities in America Name: UC Irvine Mesa Court Expansion Location: Irvine, CA Size: 935 sets Building Type: Multi-use Residence Hall Project Team: UCI, Hensel Phelps, Mithūn, …

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Case Study: UC Santa Barbara

In Blog, case study, Design Resource, Local Sourcing, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Summary: Creative collaboration and a passion for sustainable furniture solutions were the hallmarks of our partnership with UCSB San Joaquin Apartments. Together, we crafted a solution that featured modern design, solid hardwood, and local manufacturing. Name: UCSB San Joaquin Apartments Location: Santa Barbara, CA Size: 57 Apartments, 322 Bedroom Spaces Building Type: Multi-use Residence Hall Project Team: UCSB, DCI Product List: Bed, 3-drawer chest, Desk, Pedestal, Wardrobe, Dining Table, Coffee Table, TV Stand UC Santa Barbara UC Santa …

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What Is Mission Style Furniture & Why Is It Great For Residence Halls?

In Blog, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

What is mission style furniture? Simple, durable, and functional, mission style furniture emerged in the late 19th century and enjoyed a surge in popularity from about 1900-1915. It came back into vogue in the 1980’s and remains popular today thanks to its sturdy elegance. Mission style furniture was pioneered by the architect, publisher, and furniture maker Gustav Stickley. His inspiration came from the furniture he observed in turn of the century California Franciscan …

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How To Customize Your Contemporary Furniture Design

In Blog, Design Resource by Amos Kober

Contemporary furniture design is chimeric. It takes on new forms over time, evolving as trends and preferences change. As a result, it’s tricky to define. In this fourth installment in our series on residence hall furniture design, we pick up where our last article on contemporary design left off. Contemporary Furniture Design In that article, we explored the essence of what defines contemporary furniture design today. Still heavily influenced by the elegant minimalism …