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Residence Halls: A Fertile Fusion of Sustainability and Spaces for Informal Learning

In Blog, Informal Learning Space by Morgan Dix

Along with the rest of culture and society, the missions and modus operandi of schools are changing in response to the online revolution. How students learn. Where they learn. With whom they learn. All of these things are quickly changing the character if not the core of the college and university experience. Perhaps more than at any other time in history. As with all big change, this poses both challenges and …

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Technology & Student Housing Furniture: What You Need To Consider

In Blog, Design Resource, Informal Learning Space, Student Engagement by Morgan Dix

What do dorm technology and furniture have in common? And when it comes to college students, why do you need to consider them together? As you well know, we live an an extraordinary moment in history when the sum total of human knowledge is always just a click away. We can use technology anywhere and anytime through our multifarious mobile devices. But don’t forget, for nearly all of human history …

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Student Retention – Can Sustainable Lounge Furniture Really Help?

In Blog, Green Manufacturing, Informal Learning Space, Lounge by Morgan Dix

A lot of people are talking about how furniture can actually help you improve student retention. When we first started to hear about that trend, we were impressed if not a little skeptical. But there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to support these assertions. And in fact RealPage, which collects data on this topic, has some numbers to back it up. So we thought it would be worthwhile to learn a …

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Designing Informal Learning Spaces: How New Furniture Breathes Fresh Life Into Dead Spaces

In Blog, Customizing, Design Resource, Informal Learning Space by Morgan Dix

Do you struggle with underused space in your residence halls? Do you have common rooms, corridors, and hallways that need new life? You probably need to create some informal learning spaces. And maybe you just have old furniture that’s begging for a design upgrade? If so, than perhaps you’ve heard about what some people are calling The Furniture Effect? That’s the moniker used by administrators and housing officials to describe a strategy employed …