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How Finger Joint Boards Make Campus Furniture More Sustainable

In Blog, Climate Friendly Furniture, Green Manufacturing, nuts and bolts, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

When you think about sustainability and dorm furniture, you probably don’t visualize the wood joint that holds it all together. But that would be a mistake. Joints matter. A lot. And not just for durability and strength. In particular, I want to highlight the positive impact that finger joint boards can have on the overall resource footprint of your campus furniture. In fact, finger joints conserve more wood than any …

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How to Manage Furniture Supply Chain Disruption

In Blog, Climate Friendly Furniture, Green Manufacturing, Local Sourcing, nuts and bolts by Morgan Dix

Updated 3/2022 If you’re like a lot of purchasing officers or housing professionals in higher ed, you might be scrambling to ensure that you can fulfill your purchasing requirements for 2022. And that makes sense. Furniture supply chains have experienced a perfect storm over the last two years. The global pandemic and its cascading variants. The blockage at the Suez Canal. The US-China trade wars. Even climate change. For example, …

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Plywood Bed Decks vs Metal Bed Springs

In Bedroom, Beds, Blog, nuts and bolts by Morgan Dix

Should you buy a plywood bed deck or metal bed springs for your residence hall beds? We get this question a lot. And the truth is, there are benefits to both. There are some popular misconceptions too. For example, most campuses stick to the same standard for compatibility, and that isn’t necessary. Why? Because, it’s not hard to convert from metal springs to a wood deck assembly while maintaining compatibility …

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Edge Banding – Everything You Need To Know

In Blog, Design Resource, Green Manufacturing, nuts and bolts, solid wood, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

When you’re choosing your residence hall furniture and deciding on the specs, you’ll inevitably choose what materials you want. Should it be totally solid wood, including the top? Or should you get solid wood or plywood substrates with laminate tops, or all laminate? Whatever the selection, your furniture is probably going to include edge banding. Why? Because it’s an important part of the construction. And depending on where we use …