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Residence Hall Furniture: The Complete Insider’s Guide

In Blog, Green Manufacturing, GreenCertification, Nontoxic, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Are you in the market to furnish your college or university residence hall? Maybe this is your first time buying dormitory furniture for your school’s residence hall or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran. Either way, it’s a big job and there are so many emerging trends influencing the conception, design, development, use, and installation of residence hall furniture. So we’ve created a guide to help you navigate the key contexts and questions you should consider. …

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What Should You Do With Your Old Furniture? We’ll Buy It Back.

In Blog, Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse by Morgan Dix

Are you looking for a way to defray the expense of your furniture investment? Or maybe you’d like to find a sustainable way to give your retiring furniture another life? Perhaps you want to engage in a program that will allow you to continuously keep your residence halls looking fresh and up to date without the waste of disposable furniture. At DCI, we offer you a robust furniture buyback program. …

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Residence Hall Furniture

In Blog, Purchasing and Value by Morgan Dix

Are you planning a furniture installation in your residence hall anytime soon? Whether you’re new to this process or if you’ve done it before, there are a lot of details to juggle. So we created a checklist to help you navigate the process and hopefully reduce your stress levels. We’ve provided furniture to hundreds of institutions over the last 40 years, and we know every step you need to take. …

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Case Study: Duke University’s Crowell Hall & TROSA Moving

In Blog, Recovery Friendly Workplace by Morgan Dix

Summary: In 2018, we installed 370 sets of bedroom furniture in record time at Duke’s Crowell Hall during an extensive renovation. Here’s the inspiring story of how we managed a dramatically compressed and challenging installation schedule. Case Study: Duke University Crowell Hall Project Location: Durham, North Carolina Dates: 2018 Building Type: Residence Halls Project Team: Duke, TROSA, DCI,Inc. Product List: Beds, Wardrobes, Underbed Storage, Desks Duke’s Crowell Hall Earlier this year, we had the …

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How To Increase Room Occupancy – 4 Solutions To House More Students

In Blog, Design Resource, Occupancy by Morgan Dix

  Many schools these days face an interesting dilemma when it comes to the question of how to increase room occupancy. Increasing enrollment thanks to rising popularity intersects with a lack of capital or suitable real estate to build new housing. This is a resonant issue in California, which has a soaring real estate market and limited space. At the same time, West Coast schools are attracting more students based …

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5 Stories from Our Sustainable Furniture Solutions Hall of Fame

In Bedroom, Blog, Green Manufacturing, Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse by Amos Kober

When it comes to sustainable furniture solutions, we’ve had the good fortune to work with some amazing schools who are steadfastly committed to sustainability. In fact, two of our clients recently won the top two spots in Sierra’s Coolest Schools Ranking, which highlights the work of the greenest schools in the US and Canada. As a company dedicated to building the most sustainable furniture in the residence hall furniture market, we appreciate it …

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Case Study: UCSD John Muir College

In Blog, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Summary: In 2018, DCI installed modern locally crafted hardwood furniture at UCSD as part of their initiative to refurbish the storied John Muir College, a live learn community dedicated to nurturing and implementing green values and practices. A few years ago we collaborated with UCSD on their Mesa Nueva Graduate Hall project. We developed three unique custom-designed items to flesh out the functionality of their new graduate studio apartments. As a follow up, UCSD reached out to …

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Celebrating Sierra’s #1 and #2 Coolest Schools 2018

In Blog by Morgan Dix

Every year, Sierra, the national magazine of the Sierra Club, publishes a report on the 20 most sustainable schools in North America. The competition to secure a selective spot on the Sierra Coolest Schools Rankings has grown fierce in the 12 years since the magazine started profiling green best practices among colleges and universities. According to Sierra, there were more than 269 total submissions this year. The ranking now includes schools from Canada as well …

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Higher Education Furniture: Four Custom Furnishing Solutions From The Field

In Blog, Customizing, Design Resource by Morgan Dix

Are you looking for an out-of-the box higher education furniture solution for your residence hall? At DCI, we specialize in engineering solutions to some of the stickiest furniture snags you can imagine. That’s why I’d love to solve your furniture problems with a custom solution. The truth is, we haven’t met a challenge we couldn’t overcome with some creative thinking, savvy engineering, and world-class craftsmanship. You see, a lot of companies …

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Full Service Furniture Installation: Don’t Lift A Finger

In Blog by Morgan Dix

Have you ever had trouble furnishing your residence hall? Maybe you lacked the budget or had a bad experience with a vendor? Or maybe the quality of the furniture wasn’t what you hoped for or the installation was late and messy? This is especially disappointing when you’ve poured your heart and soul into a new building project or renovation and then things don’t go perfectly at the end with your …