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Case Study: University of Maryland College Park

In Blog, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Summary: This University of Maryland furniture case study profiles the furnishings still in use after 35 years at UMD. Thanks to the sustainability and durability of solid hardwood, in addition to a savvy and well thought out management plan, that same furniture is still in use at College Park. Case Study: University …

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Case Study: University of Nevada Las Vegas

In Blog by Morgan Dix

Summary: DCI partnered with UNLV to deliver a custom designed chaise and loveseat for their upperclass luxury singles. Case Study: University of Nevada Las Vegas Project Name: Upper Class Complex Project Location: Las Vegas, NV Dates: 2017/2018 Project Size: 120 Sets Building Type: Graduate Studio Apartment Project Team: UNLV, AVS, DCI,Inc. Product List: 120 Love Seats, 120 Chaise …

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Case Study: UC Berkeley

In Blog, Design Resource, Wood is Good by Morgan Dix

Summary: UC Berkeley built an award winning state of the art LEED gold residence hall called Martinez Commons. DCI furnished it with sustainable solid hardwood and custom designed bedroom and common room furniture. Case Study: UC Berkeley Project Name: Martinez Commons Project Location: Berkeley, CA Dates: 2013 Project Size: 416 Beds, Single & Double Story …

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Case Study: UCLA University Apartments

In Blog, Design Resource, Occupancy by Morgan Dix

Summary: UCLA wanted to upgrade the design standard for their off-campus housing. Working with UCLA’s Director of University Apartments, we tailored an elegant solution that blends sustainability, durability, modern design, and a sense of space. The UCLA University Apartments project also featured a unique solution to help manage a surge …

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Case Study: Fordham University

In Beds, Blog, Recycle, Repurpose by Morgan Dix

Summary: Fordham University maintains a strong commitment to sustainability, and that’s made them an ideal parter for DCI over the years. In 2014, DCI partnered with Fordham University to furnish their stunning new Law School and residence hall at Lincoln Center. Around the same time, DCI was responsible for recycling 300 sets of furniture at …

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How To Increase Room Occupancy When Your School Has Limited Space

In Blog by Amos Kober

Do you struggle with limited residential space and climbing enrollment? Given the trends in declining college enrollment, it’s a good problem to have. You need to house more students but you can’t exactly create space out of thin air. Or can you? In many respects, this is a design issue. …